Family welfare Department should replace police in family matters

To take over the present work of Police Dept in family matters other than murder and attempted murder, a new department by name FAMILY WELFARE DEPT. may be started by the State Governments and the department should have one or more BOARDS in each district and the Board will consider the complaints of family disputes and try to settle the disputes by counselling and after counselling prepare a report/judgment on the complaint made to it. Each Board in the Family Welfare Dept should be comprised of three members, viz. a social worker/respectable member in the locality, a psychologist and a retired judge/retired law officer.

a) Any issues/problems BEFORE MARRIAGE AND AFTER MARRIAGE including (i) Refusal to marry after promise, (ii) Dowry harassment, (iii) cruelty, torture, domestic violence, (iv) any other complaints other than murder or attempted murder shall be referred to the said FAMILY WELFARE department and the Board would attempt to settle the issues/problems/complaints by COUNSELLING and a final report be GIVEN as to the outcome.

b) Any party aggrieved with the decision of the aforesaid board in the Family Welfare Department may either approach the Family court or arbitration. Like section 125 Cr P C (maintenance to spouse) and Guardianship and Wards Act( child custody etc), (a) Dowry matters and (b) Domestic Violence matters after the counselling by the FAMILY WELFARE dept. shall be agitated before the Family Court if any party is not accepting the final report/judgment given by the Board of Family Welfare Department after counselling.

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