Insanity of majority of persons in society


The term “insanity” is believed by many to only apply to those in mental asylums or the clinically depressed. However, the sad truth is that majority of persons in the society today have different grades of insanity or at least one of several types of insanity at various points of time. While the insane persons in mental asylums and clinically depressed are harmless to fellow human beings, the REAL DANGER of insanity is because of persons OUTSIDE the mental asylums and wrongly presumed to be very sane/intelligent/strong/powerful.

The root cause of insanity in human beings is the reduction of DIVINITY; Divinity lies not in worship or prayer, but in adhering to Honesty & Justice (Honesty and Justice is God). The reduction of the aforesaid divinity in human beings is due to the existence of unjustifiable desire and/or unjustifiable fear . The basic cure for the disease of insanity is the REALISATION (a) that the life of each and every person is not permanent but only for an inevitably limited period of a few years, and (b) that the very purpose of human birth and the essential prerequisite for healthy existence of a happy individual and a happy society is the trait of HELPING OTHERS, in the order of family members, near and dear, and then the other human beings in the society/country/world.

Insanity: Human Beings v. Animals

HUMAN BEINGS alone have the special characteristic of laughter, and similarly, a special and SERIOUS DISEASE OF INSANITY is also peculiar only to human beings. All creatures of God in this universe have two natural characteristics, one is hunger at all ages right from birth to death and the other is sexual desire at certain specific physical/mental/environmental levels in life. Unlike other animals in this universe, human beings ALONE are vulnerable to the DANGEROUS disease of insanity AT ALL TIMES OF LIFE except during times when the mind is filled with DIVINITY . Human beings, inspite of superior knowledge gifted by God, often behave worse than animals in many situations of life because of the disease of insanity. For example, many human beings are dishonest many times violating the principle of honesty as per the law of nature while animals are always honest and act as per the law of nature. Human beings alone are egoistic and want to possess/accumulate money and power to the detriment of fellow human beings whereas animals are not at all egoistic and do not hoard/accumulate anything to the detriment of anybody. Human beings alone resort to crimes like criminal conspiracy/stabbing at the back/breach of trust/cheating/dishonesty and cunning acts of omission and commission and violate the principles of honesty and justice whereas animals are always honest and act in accordance with the law of nature. Further, though some animals just kill other specific animals to satisfy their hunger, even that killing is acceptable to God since it is in accordance with the rules of nature prescribed by God. BUT many human beings VIOLATE THE LAW OF NATURE prescribed by God AND MISUSE THE SUPERIOR KNOWLEDGE AND POWER GIFTED BY GOD, to commit heartless crimes such as murder, illegal arrests, corruption, wrongful governance of family and society, adulteration of food, spurious medicines, cruelties of many varieties to fellow human beings, disloyalties, suicides, wounding other human beings mentally and physically, etc. and resort to numerous types of wrongs such as hoarding, wastage of food, wastage of time/laziness, dereliction of duty of various kinds by persons with power and responsibility, including failure to take appropriate policy decisions to reduce the serious evils/crimes in society, etc. thereby putting many fellow human beings to unnecessary sufferings and cause havoc in the society forgetting the dictates of God that human birth is superior than animals and God expects human beings to do laudable things for the betterment of society by helping others to the maximum extent possible and human birth is NOT meant for committing wrongs/crimes against fellow human beings.

Root cause of Insanity

The sole cause of insanity in human beings is absence of divinity in the mind. Many a human being fails to use the superior knowledge gifted by God, and fails to inculcate divinity in the mind and resorts to wrongful words and deeds (acts of omission and commission) because of insanity in mind. Divinity and insanity are two distinct and mutually exclusive states of mind in human beings in that when divinity occupies the mind of a human being, insanity cannot enter the mind, and insanity invariably occupies the mind whenever divinity is absent. So all human beings should aim at filling divinity in their mind at all times or at least in their words and deeds (acts of omission and commission) and free themselves from insanity. A human being can fill divinity in the mind only when his/her words and deeds are in accordance with the principle “Honesty & Justice is God” and when he/she is satisfied that his/her life in this world is ONLY TO HELP OTHER HUMAN BEINGS. It is unfortunate that at present majority of human beings are having MANY varieties of insanity in various degrees or percentages BECAUSE OF THEIR IGNORANCE of the fact that helping others is the basic purpose of life besides giving the utmost happiness in this world and no other happiness in this world is more superior than helping others, viz. first helping the family members to the desired level and then helping others in the society in the best possible manner.

Two serious problems UNIQUE to the disease of insanity in human beings are that (1) it won’t be known to the persons having that disease and (2) even worse, the person having the disease of insanity will strongly believe that ONLY OTHERS have that disease. For example, one who does not believe in helping others or not believing in doing charity out of own funds will believe that the persons who help others and do charity out of own funds are insane. Similarly persons who aim at SO CALLED SUCCESS in life by hook or crook will classify other persons who adhere to the principle of honesty and justice even in difficult times, as insane. Likewise, a person who is proud of being unreasonably luxurious will foolishly think as if a person like Gandhi / Budha / Ramalinga Adigal and ever so many unknown persons in this world who are simple and principled are insane. Likewise, there are ever so many examples to identify the varieties of insanity and various percentages of insanity in human beings at various stages of life and at different situations. A child is sane at all times and the words and deeds of a child will only be “childish” but sane, because of the fact that God is very close to a child. But only a man/woman who distances himself/herself from God and fails to understand God and world life in the proper perspective, thinks wrongly/foolishly/insanely as if he/she is intelligent/strong/rich/powerful and thus resorts to insane words and deeds (acts of omission and commission) without understanding that he/she is suffering from a dangerous UNDETECTED/UNDECLARED INSANITY.

Symptoms of widespread insanity in today’s society

The alarming nature of the worst disease of humanity viz. INSANITY OF MAJORITY OF HUMAN BEINGS is evident from several disturbing trends in today’s society/world, viz.
  • (A) ever increasing and shocking number of murders/suicides/rapes/malicious prosecutions/wrongful arrests/wrongful actions/inactions
  • (B) numerous and increasing instances of false statements by members of family and by public servants, fabrication of evidence to wrongfully help wrongdoers, violation of law by misusing power and money, misunderstanding and wrongful application of law without caring about the purpose and spirit of law in the light of present day society, professional misconduct with dishonest intentions by people in noble professions, increasing instances of corruption in the society, criminals escaping punishment on extraneous considerations, disloyalties, disturbances and crimes among the family members especially between husband and wife due to absurd laws and its dishonest interpretation/application
  • (C) increasing instances of terrorist acts killing all classes of innocent persons
  • (D) Many instances of insatiable lust for money to get it by hook or crook and thereby increasing dishonesty and crimes in society
  • (E) increase in the number, nature and varieties of known crimes and new crimes like cyber crimes even among the highly educated and powerful human beings
  • (F) Excessive spending for Police, Defence and Administrative machinery without CAREFULLY CONSIDERING the modus operandi of minimising such expenditure to the extent possible thereby diverting public funds from essential welfare measures of deserving human beings
  • (G) misuse of funds by corporates and government bodies to wrongly take the space/time of media for wasteful/egoistic advertisement and other unnecessary purposes with pure selfish motives instead of using the space/time of media to spread useful ideas/information for the welfare of people
  • (H) wrongful allocation of public money to undesirable or unnecessary or less-important purposes ignoring essential welfare/desirable purposes for the public welfare
  • (I) dictatorial approach and big-brotherly approach in taking decisions within the family/within the society/within the governing territory
  • (J) increased desire to amass more and more wealth/powers/strength with selfish motives and by wrongful and unethical means.
  • (K) indifference about the sufferings of fellow human beings with increased selfishness
  • (L) fear to question wrong decisions of so called powerful persons at least to the minimum possible level.
  • (M) the failure of some of the powerful persons to devote time and honest mind to properly understand the causes for such serious evils in the society and to take appropriate/sensible steps to amend laws and to honestly enforce laws to reduce such evils in the society

    In a nutshell, it can be said that serious and DANGEROUS levels of INSANITY is prevalent among those who FOOLISHLY think that they are very intelligent/powerful/strong and can succeed in their words and deeds (acts of omission and commission) even if they are acting against the principles of honesty and justice (and thus against the liking of the God). Such persons should, in their own interest, apply the principle that everything in any human being is given by GOD be it intelligence/ money/strength/power and that HISTORY has proved repeatedly that God is Supreme and God is capable of and in fact many times illustrated that HE CAN take back intelligence, money, strength, or power from any HUMAN BEING AT ANY TIME if HE finds that those GIFTS OF GOD ARE MISUSED TO THE DISLIKE OF GOD.

    How to cure / get rid of insanity

    To get rid of the insanity which manifests in several forms in today’s society as described above, all human beings should think that every human being is vested with one or the other powers and NOBODY ON EARTH IS SUPERIOR OR INFERIOR IN ANY ANGLE and that everybody is EQUAL BEFORE GOD AND LAW and entitled to live in this world peacefully/happily/reasonably well and everybody in this world, in his/her own interest, should try to please God in the best manner possible by ensuring that his/her words and deeds (acts of omission and commission) are NOT motivated by selfish/emotional considerations and EVERYBODY MUST always ensure that WORDS AND DEEDS (acts of omission and commission) should be guided on the combined principles of honesty/necessity/reasonableness believing sincerely that HONESTY & JUSTICE IS GOD.

    Another cure to the disease of insanity is the REALIZATION that HELPING OTHERS IS THE basic purpose of life besides being the happiest thing in this world and no other happiness in this world is more superior than helping others, viz. first helping the family members to the desired level and then helping others in the society in the best possible manner.

    (This article is aimed at first elucidating, and then, hopefully curing the insanity of human beings of this universe to the extent possible. The author intends to incorporate new ideas/thoughts in this article and taking into account the complexity of the subject matter, this article will be revised with more information/thoughts in due course and hence ….. to be continued.)

    Authored by M. Sivathanu, Advocate

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