This website is aimed at promoting increase of honesty and justice in society through a blend of both expert commentary and public opinion on key problems and issues that afflict the society. We approach the objective of increasing honesty and justice in society by applying both divine law and man-made law and on the strength of public opinion.

The author of this website is M. Sivathanu, an Advocate & senior citizen who does continuous weekly direct charity to the poor for years together. For details, look at the About section.


It is our sincere opinion based on careful observation and analysis, that nearly all evils and ills of modern society stem from one root cause: the ever-reducing level of honesty and justice in society. While the dishonesty and/or unreasonableness on the part of an individual affects the society to a comparatively lesser degree, the dishonesty and/or unreasonableness of a leader or a public official has far wider ramifications to the society affecting the society to a very large degree . Degradation of honesty and justice is a virulent and contagious disease that gradually makes even honest and righteous persons to look towards dishonesty and unreasonableness. Even good-minded persons have started to suspect and question the value, advisability and even the meaning of honesty and justice when they see dishonest and unreasonable people seemingly prospering. Such gradual reduction of honesty and justice in society results in ever increasing problems in the society besides increasing crimes, insanity and suicides. Ultimately there is continuous degradation of values in the society making the life of people miserable. It is therefore necessary for all of us to take all efforts to increase honesty and justice in society for the wellbeing of humanity .

The reduction of honesty and justice in society has its roots in two avoidable traits of the human mind: unjustifiable desire & unjustifiable fear . While lack of honesty arising out of unjustifiable desire is a well-known and obvious phenomenon (e.g. corrupt officials, criminals, etc.), what is sometimes ignored is the fact that unjustified fear is an equally important and dangerous cause of dishonesty and injustice/unreasonableness. The unjustified fear that honest persons have in upholding honesty and justice disqualifies such persons from being classified as honest, besides making them equally guilty of endangering justice/reasonableness and well-being of society to the same extent as the obviously-dishonest person. In addition to these two individual traits, the attitudes and thinking of a small set of people such as policy-makers and law enforcement officials have a disproportionately high influence in the shaping of honesty and justice in society .


Through this website, we hope to do the following:

1. Help reduce unjustified desire: Unjustified desire arises primarily due to lack of understanding about the broader purpose of life and ignorance about the joy of helping others. We plan to address this both by highlighting ancient wisdom on the topic as well as bringing to light modern-day illustrations/examples of the same.

2. Help reduce unjustified fear: Unjustified fear arises either because of selfishness or ignorance. Often, the common man’s lack of awareness of the details and intricacies of the law of the land makes him hesitant or scared to talk about what he thinks is just or unjust based on honesty or divine law. Only honest legal experts can help in understanding man-made law in the proper perspective by proper interpretation and/or suggest modifications/changes in statute law taking into account the changes and happenings in the dynamic society and by applying the divine law. By providing expert legal commentary on key issues affecting the society and by suggesting changes in procedure and modification of law, this website aims at reducing people’s unjustified fear and in eradicating the evils in the society.

3. Help highlight key social issues to leaders and policy makers: Opinions and views are expressed on the various important issues in the society and recommendations to change the procedure to be adopted by public officials and/or to change or modify statute law. This will help leaders, lawmakers and law-enforcers to bring about necessary changes in administration and law enforcement. By giving expert legal opinions and by bringing up and projecting public opinion on key issues in the society, we plan to serve as an unbiased input to policy makers.

Members of public are invited to JOIN AS MEMBERS in this laudable cause - to increase honesty and justice in society - by giving their comments/opinions on the (1) Present day issues/problems (2) New issues/problems raised by members

It is a social service by the author of this website at his expense and hence membership is absolutely free and donations are STRICTLY NOT ACCEPTABLE.

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