Procedure for regulating Dowry prohibition Act

In view of the fact that Dowry is a serious problem in the society, and the Dowry Prohibition Act is IN RECENT YEARS VERY MUCH MISUSED TO COERCE AND THREATEN INNOCENT PERSONS, it should be averted by appointing one or more Anti Dowry officer/s in each district under the control of aforesaid FAMILY WELFARE DEPT to whom all marriages should be reported at least 15 days before the marriage and a report SIGNED BY BRIDE, BRIDEGROOM AND PARENTS/GUARDIANS OF BRIDE AND BRIDEGROOM giving details of of gifts given to the bride and bridegroom at the time of marriage either as Sridhana property or otherwise including the quantum and details of JEWELS by the parents/guardians of both sides. If any further property was given to the woman after marriage, additional reports should be filed to the said officer.

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